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Journal II: Entry One
By Zinek Bé Ruzicka

I guess it's my responsibility as a scholar to take extensive notes on this second Moebius I've been suddenly whisked away to, so here goes. I'll start with an entry on my homeworld, and how bizarrely-interpreted it is by these otherworlders.

The denizens of this other Moebius seem to regard my home plane as a symbol; a shape that represents the living soul of each being of Moebius, but not a real place or thing. To them, our planet is spatially unsound; their sphere is a much more stable shape. They can't accept the way our planet revolves around the Heliophant, or how we can traverse to the other side of the planet by crossing the edges. It's pretty funny; they can question things like "gravity on a Moebius Strip" but they don't question things like "an astral field projected on my body that lets me fly through space."

I found an excerpt from a book in the library of the World School (more on that later, probably).
Ripe with symbolism, the Mundane Egg is an artifact revered by many entities with an interest in space and time. Its appearance varies from tale to tale; it has been said to be pure yellow and as large as a planet, a soft blue sphere, or even indistinguishable from a chicken's egg to the naked eye.

The Mundane Egg is currently in possession of the Clockwork Company, a group of inventors whose main office is based in the city of Blackburn in the nation of Pritani. The chief executive of The Clockwork Company is Henlein Dennison. Dennison is inventor of the modern portable belt clock, and the company's current aim is to affordably mass-produce the device. "Each person should know exactly their place in the universe," says Dennison. "My device is here to make locating that place a little easier."

--"Sailing Past Stars, Sailing Past Seconds" by Wells Vernon

I think now it would be a good idea to explain the continents of my world and the sorts of people you can find on each of them. Like I said before, the Moebians here interpret these lands metaphorically, but I promise that this information is quite literal.

The Griplands
Warriors are born and die each day in the Griplands. Combat is a way of life; it's required for survival in these lands where powerful beasts roam free and man has no brother but his blade, woman has no sister but her spear.

The Heartlands
My home continent. The most famous romancers and artists hail from these lands. Unfortunately, few survive long enough to see fame. In his youth, the fierce warrior Crotchet the Impaler united the barbarian tribes of this land under his sword. However, he is an aged king, and many young gladiators look to replace him.

The Headlands
The greatest minds of Moebius come from the Headlands-- the most powerful psionics and the most intelligent scholars. The people of this continent are feeble-bodied but have well-adjusted heads on their shoulders.

The Steplands
In the Steplands, a change of scenery is never more than seven miles distant. A single day's journey could take you through a swamp, over a mountain, and across a desert. Rugged adventurers and swashbuckling rogues call this land home.

The Winglands
The dragons and monster races of the world originate from the Winglands. While the lesser races are found on other continents of Moebius, they're the norm here, not the exception. The people of the spherical Moebius seem to think of the Winglands as a metaphor for all of your darkest and most brutal parts.

The Sunlands
Known as Hara to the isolationist natives of the region. The Sunlands are their own corner of the world, where balance is respected above all. Warriors and thieves trained here have mystical abilities, and it's said that some of the greatest delphics are engineering incredible things in these lands.

The Soullands
A perfectly circular land mass, few have adventured to this unknown place, and none have returned.

The Heliophant
Our planet is a ring that rotates around a central sun, and that sun is the Heliophant. Our own Mundane Egg hatched into a shining yellow bird, tremendous in size. It flew through the stars to the center of our world so that it could watch over us all, and it's the only god we know. Some have expressed interest in exploring space so that we might study the Heliophant from a closer distance.

Closing thoughts: these continents don't seem quite so well-defined on the spherical Moebius, as if things have been squished together. Some cities are mostly the same, but in different places. Some are gone completely. I'm still adjusting to this place-- perhaps some exploration is in order.
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